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Our Vision

The team at Royal Fins Aquatics aims to create a positive environment for individuals to gain confidence not only in the water but also in life.

Our Mission

Our friendly, reliable team with a mutual passion for swimming, supports and encourages swimmers of all ages, by ensuring our hands-on approach motivates all students to harness their talents and improve their skills.

Royal Fins Origin

Royal Fins Aquatics, a swimming school, established in Faerie Glen in 2014 by the Luus family, who are all passionate swimmers, aims to teach the community the value of swimming as a vital skill which benefits individuals for a lifetime. We teach water safety and water skills development to students who also have loads of fun in the water in a safe and positive environment.


At our Indoor Pool (12 x 5 metres x 1 metre deep) we provide Learn to Swim Classes of 20 minutes for individuals of all ages starting from six months old. At our Big Pool (25 x 15 metres x 2 metres deep) we offer Stroke Correction Classes of 30 minutes for six to eight year olds; Intermediate Classes of one hour for nine to 13 year olds; Senior Classes of one to two hours for 10 to 18 year olds and Masters Classes of one to two hours for teens and adults.

Our friendly coaches

Our friendly coaches are qualified with Swimming South Africa, the governing body of aquatics in South Africa, and have a love for each student. They help individuals of all ages to gain confidence in the water which extends into a student’s everyday life. Their hands-on approach, professional guidelines and support, encourages and motivate students to achieve their swimming goals.

The team at Royal Fins Aquatics love to celebrate each swimmer’s accomplishments frequently, praising our students and sharing the joy and pride when they reach a milestone. We encourage students to swim at age-appropriate levels and provide the appropriate swimming method for each development stage. Our coaches are patient and understanding with any child who takes slightly longer to grasp a technique and understand that each child progresses at their own pace.

Swimming fees

Please note the below fees include VAT at 15%.

A R460 registration fee per swimmer is payable when joining. This includes a Royal Fins swimming cap and small bag.

A R230 administration fee is payable per annum


1 x per week                      R506 p/m

2 x per week                      R759 p/m

3 x per week                      R885.50 p/m

Saturdays                           R667 p/m

Saturday + 1 per week    R805 p/m

NTS School registered    R885.50 p/m (Gala swimmers)

NTS Fully registered        R1062 p/m (Gala swimmers)

Adult Squad 1 x week     R330 p/m

Adult Squad 2 x week     R440 p/m


Our fees are based on a 4 week month for 12 months. Some months you will receive extra lessons, which allows us to close over July and December holidays.

Fees are payable upfront BEFORE the 7th of each month. Should the account still be in arrears by the 15th of the month the swimmer will NOT be allowed to continue until the monthly fees have been paid.

No missed lessons will be caught up due to late payments. Should the account still be in arrears by the end of the month the services will be suspended and account holder will still be liable for the outstanding monthly fee.

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What We Offer


Learn to Swim

Stroke Correction

Squad Training

Intermediate Swimming

Competitive Swimming

Masters Swimming


25m Outdoor Pool (Heated in winter)

15m Indoor Pool (Heated throughout the year)

Fully Equipped Change Rooms With Toilets, Benches and Showers

Safe Parking

Goggles and Swimming Caps Available For Purchase

Our Wonderful Team

Awesome Ancheri

Awesome Ancheri

Amazing André

Amazing André

Astounding Annemarie

Astounding Annemarie

Buff Byron

Buff Byron

Crazy Chrisna

Crazy Chrisna

Cool Courtney

Cool Courtney

Legendary Laura

Legendary Laura

Incredible Ineke

Incredible Ineke

Lovable Lizanne

Lovable Lizanne

Radiant Rouxlé

Radiant Rouxlé

Rock ‘n Ruan

Rock ‘n Ruan

Stunning Stacey

Stunning Stacey

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617 Plettenberg Street, Faerie Glen, Pretoria

072 541 8809 

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